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Perks & Bliss

Welcome to Perks and Bliss, the home décor store committed to empowering home owners and decorators by providing only the most stylish and design driven home decorating products. We don’t do a lot of things as we believe that the small things; that’s are sometimes overlooked can make a big difference.

We consider ourselves experts in this field and have over time helped thousands of clients to make their houses homier with our exceptional products. Our job is to help you turn your room(s) into incredible living spaces by providing extraordinary services, reasonable prices and quality products. We offer lamps, lighting, area rugs, wall décor, Bedding and other home décor accessories.

We want you to enjoy your space rather than stress about it. That’s why we take all the unnecessary frills out of our home décor store, simplify shopping, and pass all the savings to you with unmissable discounts.

We pride ourselves in our ability to bring you the biggest selection of styles at the best prices.

Whether you are a home owner looking to decorate your living room, your bedroom, kitchen and dining, patio, workspace, garden or bath, we’ve got you fantastically covered. And whether you are an interior decorator working to provide the best living space for your client, we make your job so much easier.

Welcome once again to Perks and Bliss.

Because you deserve only the very best.


We know you want the very best products, have very limited time, and perhaps not the greatest idea of how to turn that room into a great living space. Or perhaps you have a very specific product in mind and are having a hard time finding it.

Our personal shoppers are here on standby to help you.

Our personal shoppers, who are prolific specialist interior designers, will send you a list of products and pictures matching the general description that you give within five and seven working days. To give you options, your personal shopper will send you at least 10 products matching your description for you to choose from.

And the beauty of this is that you don’t pay your personal shopper a dime, should you not find the product you like. Absolutely no charges to you. If you find your chosen product, we’ll charge you £10 for our services.

You will however have to pay £5 upfront if you require an additional mail of 10 products if you don’t find what you like from the first list.

And if you are looking for a quicker service and would like your products list sent to you before 5 working days, we will require you to pay £5 pounds upfront to facilitate a quicker service. In this case, the £5 is non-refundable.

Please note that whichever route you take with our personal shopper service, you will be charged a finder’s fee of £10 for the product you successfully purchase through this method, plus £3 per each additional product.

You should also be aware that the cost of the products, the shipping and delivery costs, as well as the finder’s fee are your responsibility. To make things easier for you, all payments for this service will be invoiced and you can make payments online through our website.

 And should you have any issues you want us to address immediately concerning our personal shopper service, feel free to email us at info@perksandbliss.com, message us through the website via chat or our contact us form and we will be sure to respond within 24 hours.

We’ve simplified shopping for home décor. No more hassles. No more stress.

Take advantage of this and send us an email today!


Welcome to a world of boundless possibilities.